Cubbie Memories

Having been a Cubs fan for 42 years, I have plenty of memories of the Cubs, from the games I attended with my father starting in 1969 to taking my nephew to Wrigley in 2003, I have some great memories, from Milt Pappas' no-hitter, Ernie Banks' 511th home run, watching Henry Aaron chase the Babe, Bruce Sutter striking out 3 men on 9 pitches to Sammy Sosa hittng 3 home runs in a game in 1998. Watching my favorite player Glenn Beckert and seeing some of the great players of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and the 00s, including Andre Dawson as a young player with the Expos then bookending that with his final appearence at Wrigley as an active player with the Marlins, Pete Rose(who refused to give my sister his autograph!), Willie McCovey, though I missed out on seeing Willie Mays, getting to see Bobby Bonds as a Cub, but missing out on seeing Barry Bonds.

I treasure my Cubbie memories and am not afraid to share them. One of the things I want to do with this website is spark the memories you may have of your favorite games or players. So I am starting up a new page where I will feature memories of myself and other fans.

Do you have memories of the Cubs that you would be willing to share? Perhaps you just want to talk about your favorite Cub player, maybe you have a special memory of a parent taking you or even a picture you want to share. If you are interested in sharing a memory, it doesnt matter what kind, I would love to post it here for you. Feel free to send me your memories to me at my email address:

And watch this page to see your memories come alive.


 Videos 1980-2003

 Here are miscelleneous Cub related videos Ive recorded off of TV over the years, including the very first thing I ever taped on my first VCR in April 1980, which were the Cubs Opening Day ceremonies up until the beginning of the National Anthem. It segues into a vintage Jack Brickhouse interview with Dodger great Duke Snider. I kept that because it was a great example of what Jack did best, talk to some of the greatest figures of baseball in that era. I have to warn you though, right after that I somehow stuck a Battle of the Network Stars in there, fortunately it doesnt last long. then theres a game I actually attended with my dad and nephew in 1998, the memorable 3 homer game of Sammy Sosa that also featured a terrific pitching performance by a young Kerry Wood, barely a month and a half removed from his 20 SO game. There are other assorted moments, but most notable would have to be Barry Bonds in 2001, Rickey Henderson breaking Ty Cobbs run scoring record and Wood vs Roger Clemens in 2004. Check it out, see if theres something I may have overlooked. I should tell you that it is 6 hours long so if you want to see something you might have to move ahead. But look around, have fun. Some of the video quality is not perfect, but most of it should be okay. Let me know what you think. Im thinking of trying to get my edited version of This Old Cub up on the Santo page if this works out. Thanks and ENJOY!

 1972 Cubs team pic

 1973 Cubs team pic

 Me, 2003 top and middle, 2005 bottom

 Glenn Beckert

My dad got some pics of Glenn Beckert at some banquet, not sure where, but I was glad to get them.

 Fergie Jenkins ballpark pic

 Bruce Sutter 1977 from my scrapbook

Chicago Cubs - Hey Hey Holy Mackerel.mp3

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