More Pics:

 The 1876 Chicago White Stockings

American Players from Spaldings tour visit the Sphinx in Egypt 1880

Adrian "Cap" Anson, longtime manager-1st Baseman of the Chicago Nationals and the person we can thank for the tradition of racial bigotry in major league baseball


Tinkers to Evers to Chance: one of the main reasons for the Cubs last World Championship 

Jimmy Sheckard

Oh, yes, heres the guy who played 3rd.......forever doomed to be the answer to a trivia question! 

 The 1908 Chicago Cubs...........who knew?

the 1932 World Series managers....recently deposed Joe McCarthy, now Yankees, Charlie Grimm, newly Rogers Hornby in sight 

 Did the Babe "Call" his shot?

" Theres no way the Babe called his shot, I wouldve knocked him on his butt!" Charlie Root gave up the homer, but refuses to believe the legend. 


Except for a brief shining moment in the 1938 World Series, Dizzy Dean was mostly a disappointment as a Cub



Charlie Grimm gets the Cubs to the 1945 Series, but makes the biggest mistake of his managerial career and the Cubs lose. 

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