Picture Gallery-Owners-From Spalding to Weeghman to Wrigley

 Albert Spalding, first manager and long time owner of the Cubs

 Charles Weeghman, the restaurant magnate who bought the Cubs following the disbanding of his Federal League team, at the groundbreaking for the ballpark that would become known as Wrigley Field


 When Weeghman ran into financial trouble, he sold out to William Wrigley, Jr, the head of the gum company

 In 1918 Wrigley hired ex-sportswriter William Veeck, Sr to run the team. It would be a successful match that would lay the foundation for 5 pennants

 When Wrigley died suddenly in 1933, his son, Philip Knight Wrigley inherited the team, but the team would suffer from his crackpot schemes and poor management for 44 years.

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